About Us

We are an Atlanta based company blending the idea of Traditional Southern Style with an Aquatic Aesthetic in an effort to protect and preserve narwhals and other whales around the world.

It is in channeling this frigid inspiration that we have crafted this clothing line. Narwhal Clothing Company represents an intricate dichotomy that sincerely embodies our creative expression as a whole.

By donating 5 percent of profits to the Save The Whales organization, we aim to promote the education and understanding not only of narwhals, but of humpback, orca, blue, and other whales. It is through this medium of pervasive education that these beautiful mammals can be preserved and protected.

Our vision serves as a bridge from creation to conscientiousness and in a sea of similarities we are here to help you differentiate yourself while simultaneously safeguarding these mysteriously majestic creatures of the deep.